Glossary of Water & Wastewater Terms

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Wastewater - Wastewater is spent or used water from residential, business or industrial sources.

Water Corporation - A water corporation is a water authority that has been set up as a corporation.

Water Flow Metering Station - A water flow metering station is an asset designed measure the volume of water passing through a pipeline.

Water Hammer - Water hammer is a pressure surge in a pipeline as a result of changes in fluid flow velocities. The faster the changes in the velocities, the greater the magnitude of the pressure surge. Pressure surges in pipe lines are due to closing and opening of valves or stopping and starting of pumps, or by sudden releases of trapped air.

Water Hydrant - The term water hydrant is a synonym for fire hydrant.

Water Inlet Structure - A water inlet structure is a structure located within a river, lake, reservoir or other water source designed to receive water from its surroundings for use within a water treatment plant or other facility.

Water Main - A water main is water pipe which is a part of the water supply system.

Water Meter - A water meter is a device used to measure the volume of water usage.

Water Pump Station - A water pump station (or water pumping station) is an asset designed to pump water from one location to another.

Water Reticulation Main - A water reticulation main as a water main that connects a distribution main with service pipes. Reticulation mains are typically between 100mm and 375mm in diameter.

Water Reticulation Network - A water reticulation network is a network of pumps, pipes and water storages designed to store and distribute water.

Water Service - A water service is the pipeline that connects a property to a water main.

Water Service Pipe - A water service pipe is a pipe that extends from a potable water source to the interior of a building.

Water Supply - Water Supply is the process of self-provision or provision by third parties in the water industry, commonly a Council or Water Authority, of water resources of various qualities to different users.

Water Supply Facility - A Water Supply Facility is a group of related water supply assets located within close proximity.

Water Supply System - A water supply system (or water supply network) is a system designed to collect, store, purify and distribute water.

Water Transfer Main - A Water Transfer Main is a water main used to transport bulk quantities of water from a source or storage to another Water Facility as part of the water supply system. The water transfer main is not part of the reticulation system and does not have any property services connected. It may carry bore water, raw surface water or potable water.

Water Valve - A water valve is a valve that regulates the flow of water through a pipe.

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