Good Asset Management Practice

Good Asset Management Practice (GAMP) will cover all aspects of asset management and will dictate that all (worthwhile) processes and procedures should be efficiently documented and promoted (and used) throughout an organisation looking to be the "best" (they can be) at asset management

However Good Asset Management Practice (GAMP) needs to be in place across all disciplines to ensure the goals of asset management can be achieved.

GAMP cannot be left in peoples' heads. GAMP is real and must be agreed, documented and insisted upon.
Standard Operating Procedures ('SOP') could be part of GAMP, but having some SOP is not GAMP.
Audited, up to date Safe Working Methods ('SWMS') are part of GAMP.

GAMP should cover every aspect of asset management, including;

  • Data collection, storage & usage
  • AMS usage, processes & procedures
  • Asset Register design
  • Works Order processes & procedures
  • Safety procedures (SWMS for work on assets)
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Asset Management Plan
  • Asset Management Strategy
  • Long Term Financial Planning (LTFP)
  • Community Engagement Planning
  • Community Plan
  • Sustainability Planning
  • Management decision making around assets
  • Council long term decisions re assets
  • Sustainable processes & procedures, and
  • anything else that drives asset management


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