Gravel Road

A gravel road is an unsealed road constructed with imported rock.


As gravel surfaces are not waterproof, the crossfall of gravel roads is typically greater than for sealed roads, usually in the order of 4 or 5 percent. Gravel road shoulders also tend to be steeper depending upon the nature of the shoulder material. Ponding of water in depressions in the pavement can have serious results because of the consequent weakening of the pavement material and its displacement under wheel loading.

Gravel Road Maintenance

Gravel roads need to be graded on a regular basis to prevent damage from water and to maintain the surface in reasonable condition for traffic.
In dry weather gravel roads (like other unsealed roads) can become dusty, this may necessitate the implementation of some type of dust suppression.

Gravel Road Renewal

The renewal of a gravel road via the application of additional gravel is known as gravel resheeting. Gravel roads are typically resheeted once every 5 to 20 years.

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