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HDM-4 is utilised in many countries on a diverse range of pavement management and road investment projects. The various versions of the models have been widely used by many road managing agencies and have been instrumental in justifying increased road maintenance and rehabilitation budgets.

The models have been used to investigate the economic viability of road projects in over 100 countries and to optimise economic benefits to road users, whilst providing advanced road investment analysis tools with broad-based applicability in diverse climates and conditions.

The development of HDM-4 version 2 came about through various forms of feedback, user satisfaction, user requirements and any enhancements required by transportation consultancies, government road agencies and transportation research institutions.

The HDM-4 analytical framework is based on the concept of pavement life cycle analysis. The models are applied to predict traffic, road condition, agency and road user costs over the life cycle of a road pavement, which is typically 15 to 40 years.

More information regarding HDM-4 can be found on the HDMGlobal website (www.hdmglobal.com), which comprises of an international consortium of academic and consultancy companies that have formed a partnership for the future management and development of HDM 4.

For further information regarding the HDM-4 software and its application, please also refer to http://www.arrb.com.au.

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