How to Edit Pages

To edit pages you first must create a wikidot account.

Once you are signed up & logged in simply click on the edit button at the bottom of the page. This will open an editor.
(If you can't see the edit button your probably not logged in.)

You can then just type in the text you want to add.

If you want to do some fancy formatting or to add links or an image or a map there are a few ways you can learn more.

  1. You can refer to the quick reference page
  2. You can read the Wikidot syntax guide.
  3. You can read the Wikidot documentation pages
  4. You can hit the edit-button.png button on an existing page to see what the code behind the page look like.
  5. You can experiment with the three rows of icons above the editor window.

If you want to experiment feel free to use & abuse the test page.

Even better create your own personal wiki & experiment with that.
Wikidot gives you five free 300MB wikis just for signing up.

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