Host a Local Government Innovation Summit

A Local Government Innovation Summit is a meeting designed to educate council employees and their communities on open government (and what the benefits are).
This will lead to;

  • Creating and expanding the infrastructure necessary to sustain a vibrant local opengov community beyond the event.
  • Building and empowering communities of practice focused on open government at the local level.
  • Advancing the understanding and practice of high quality online and in-person public participation by experiencing it.
  • Delivering the benefits of open government to communities

The promoters of the concept are encouraging Local Governments throughout the world to hold summits between May 14-22, 2011.

One of our members, Darron Passlow (Click moc.liamg|wolssap.norrad#ereh to email Darron) has put up his hand to help a local council organise a summit in an Australian city this year, and has set up the Local Government Innovation Summit Wiki to promote the summit.

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External Links & References

  1. Local Government Innovation Summit Wiki
  2. OpenGov Playbook
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