HP Records Manager

HP Records Manager (HP RM) is a proven records management system that provides a scalable, policy driven foundation for your information governance, driving business efficiency and records integrity – fast. Automated rules, classification and workflow capabilities enable the easy capture, secure management and discovery of your business information regardless of source including all SharePoint content, improving process efficiency and staff productivity.

The HP Records Manager (HP RM) solution offers these key customer benefits:

  • Proven records management for your enterprise, faster
  • Increased compliance and faster response to legal discovery requests
  • Improved employee productivity and business process efficiencies
  • Transparent records management and site archiving for SharePoint

HP Records Manager (HP RM) is built in accordance with the international standard for records management, ISO 15489. The product complies with US Department of Defense Security Standard DoD 5015.2 Chapters 2, 3, 4 and complies with and supports other major standards.

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