I already have an AMS and a GIS, why do I need a wiki too?

Many people fall into the trap of trying to do too much with their favourite bit of software. The classic example is people using Excel, when Access or some other database would be a much better solution. Geographical information systems are great for manipulating and displaying spatial data. Asset Management Systems are good for storing and manipulating asset data. Wikis are designed to organise and share knowledge. You can do this with a GIS or and Asset Management System, but not as well or cheaply.

Does it make sense to waste time and resources trying to make an expensive system do what a free or very cheap system already does much better?

Wikis have the potential to become be the main access point for asset information for the organisation, with the AMS crunching numbers in the back ground, and reports and GIS maps being imbedded within them.

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