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InfoNet is a purpose-built Infrastructure Management System (IMS) for water distribution, wastewater collection and stormwater/waterway networks ensuring informed, swift and cost-effective decision making both for day-to-day operational management and for long-term network asset decision making. Designed for operations managers, engineers and planners in the water industry, InfoNet enables users to manage, integrate, validate, analyze, and report on their network data to visualise accurate, auditable, up-to-date performance against desired levels of service.

The data leveraged and spatially represented by InfoNet (using either ESRI's ArcObjects or Pitney Bowes' MapXteme as map drivers) is for asset attributes, customers/ zones, incidents, surveys, repairs, inventory and resources. InfoNet can be implemented on an existing Microsoft SQL Server database, Oracle database or utilise its own optimised database. A multi-user, multi-editor solution, InfoNet tracks every change automatically and provides conflict resolution and database "rollback and branch" functionality.

InfoNet Mobile provides utilities, engineering consultants and contractors with an off-the-shelf solution for collecting field data and transferring it seamlessly to the office environment. InfoNet Mobile has been designed to work alongside the sophisticated and robust InfoNet infrastructure management system, giving users greater confidence both in the ease of initial implementation and its ongoing use.

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