Inter-Council Collaboration

Inter-Council Collaboration is two or more Councils working together to achieve a common goal.


Given the common goals and problems facing municipal councils, and the fact that local governments aren't in direct competition with each other, inter-council collaboration makes sense on many levels.

Inter-council collaboration can take a number of forms, including:

2017 Future of Local Government Manifesto

The 2017 Future of Local Government Manifesto urges Councils to:

  • Establish collaborative regional and national networks mechanisms to share experience with other councils and communities
  • Commit to collaboration with other councils, State and Federal governments, business and civil society as an essential way of working

Regional Collaboration

  • One of the most common forms of Inter-Council Collaboration is Regional Collaboration. Whilst the internet and modern telecommunications technology makes it possible for far flung Councils to collaborate with each other, collaboration is often more common at the regional level where neighbouring councils often share similar problems and issues.

Mind Map

The mind map below explores a number of ideas associated with inter-council collaboration.

Things that Groups of Councils can do better than Individual Councils

Logically there is not much point working together to complete tasks that are better done individually, so perhaps an important first step in inter-council collaboration is identifying which tasks should logically become easier when a number of Councils work together to execute them. If you can think of a task that fits this description please add it to the list below.

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