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Intergraph offers local government agencies comprehensive geospatial information systems for managing complex spatial data infrastructures. Based on best practices for open source geospatial applications as defined OpenGIS®, our geospatial information systems enable government agencies universal access to critical data from across the enterprise.

Geospatially integrated solutions to help manage land and infrastructure, provide emergency management and public services are available, based on the GeoMedia product suite.

The GeoMedia product suite is a set of well-integrated applications that provide you with the full breadth of geospatial processing capabilities needed for map production, data analysis, data sharing, infrastructure management, and land management.

GeoMedia enables you to bring data from disparate databases into a single geographic information system (GIS) database environment for all geospatial processing, analysis, presentation, and sharing. No translation of data is required. You avoid problems with redundant and out-of-date data because everyone is getting their information from the source. GeoMedia’s data server technology supports open standards, providing GIS interoperability through direct access to all major geospatial/CAD data formats and to industry-standard relational databases. GeoMedia is uniquely suited to perform “what-if” analysis because it enables you to string together multiple operations in an analysis pipeline. Changing any of the data along the pipeline automatically updates the results.

Visit the Intergraph Government Solutions website for more information. Product information can be found at the GeoMedia website.

For more information, contact:
Darren Wu
Partner Manager
Ph: 02 9956 4000

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