IPWG Capital Works Prioritisation Model

The IPWG Capital Works Prioritisation Model is a model for Capital Works prioritisation being developed by a Melbourne based Local Government Infrastructure Prioritisation Working Group. An early draft of the model set out below.

The model consists of four stages; Strategic Assessment, Needs Analysis, Needs Alignment & Prioritisation.


Strategic Assessment

The Strategic Assessment stage consists of deciding through an explicitly political process what the relative levels of service for a range of service types should be. This involves ‘prioritisation’, but of a different nature to the prioritisation of projects that takes place in the fourth stage of the model. It should provide direction for service units that conduct needs analyses. It should also inform or be informed by the Strategic Resource Plan.

Needs Analysis

A Needs Analysis is the process of identifying and evaluating needs in a community or other defined population of people. The identification of needs is a process of describing “problems” of a target population and possible solutions to these problems. In the context of the model a needs analysis might begin with pure assessment of current or future need (demographic analyses, social trend observation, engagement, benchmarking). It might also begin with an underutilised building, or available grant money, or a precinct planning process.

Needs Alignment

A Needs Alignment is the process of considering the needs of multiple services together and looking for alignments and synergies and the possibility of bringing them together into shared or co-located spaces. This step involves identifying and developing capital project initiatives.


A process to prioritise from a list of capital project options developed by service units. Prioritisation typically involves deriving a score from weighted criteria assessments.

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