JRA Lifecycle Asset Knowledge Management System

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JRA Lifecycle Asset Knowledge Management System is an Asset Management System developed and sold by JRA.

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A corporate Asset Management System providing a single asset register to support financial, asset and facilities management functions. Applications integrated to this register include, asset management plan reporting, long term financial plan reporting, works management, customer response management, maintenance management, risk management, capital works programme management, mobile and field computing management and specific applications for buildings and facilities, parks, roads, drains, water and wastewater, plant and equipment.
JRA's primary objective over many years has been to ensure a single corporate asset register that can support Enteprise Resoure Planning (ERP) functions. JRA have developed a suite of applications and system tools based on Microsoft SQL / Microsoft Access and Active Server Pages (asp). These were initally developed primarily for JRA's internal use, however in response to requests by JRA clients, the system was made available to JRA customers and development and support is under the direction of the JRA system user group.

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JRA Lifecycle Asset Knowledge Management System

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