Knowledge Marketplace

A knowledge marketplace is a way of identifying what people know and what they need to know on a particular subject, then connecting them appropriately.

How to run a knowledge marketplace?

  • Identify your knowledge requirements – these could be areas where you feel there are gaps in your knowledge.
  • Identify your knowledge offers – these would be areas where you have knowledge and experience to share with others.
  • Collect some basic information to start the ‘connection and collection process’, for example: name, job title, organisation, email address, topic.

This information can be recorded in a form, an Excel spreadsheet, by email, or on a flip chart during the session. This information is then used to connect people to people and the sharing process can begin.

The sharing process could simply involve having a conversation. Or it could be exchanging business cards with people in who have knowledge or experience of benefit to you.

Alternatively, the sharing could happen after the event has been recorded electronically and all the relationships mapped out and made available online.

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