The LG-Prize is an idea for an X-Prize like competition to encourage the development of new technologies of benefit to local government.

If you can think of any inventions that would be of benefit to local government and whose development could be encouraged via an X-Prize type competition, please feel free to list them below.

If you have an opinion on whether or not this idea is a good one, please click on "rate" below and give the concept a "+" or "-"

Super Pothole Mix

A low cost (the same cost or cheaper than premix) pothole mix not requiring compaction that permeates into the surrounding pavement before setting and locking the patch into place. Ideally the filler material should be stronger and longer lasting than the surrounding pavement. Some sort of biocement mixture might be the answer.

LG Grass

A Genetically Modified Grass designed specifically for Local Government use.

On-site Sewerage Treatment

If sewerage could be treated on-site safely and economically, it would reduce the amount of sewerage infrastructure Councils & Water Authorities are responsible for, and reduce the costs to ratepayers.
The Gates Foundation has already donated $3 million to a number of universities that are working on the problem.

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  1. Safe Affordable Sanitation (Gates Foundation)
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