LGAM Philosophy

This site is based on the concept that openly sharing knowledge & ideas and is good for individuals, Councils, Australia, and the world. At lot of people would agree with this sentiment, but without a doubt there are others that would disagree. Below is a list of statements that are intended to summarise the philosophy behind the site. If you have strong thoughts about the statements either for or against, please contribute to the discussion about them. If no-one can come up with any arguments against them we will be forced to consider them to be proven true!


  1. Openly sharing knowledge & ideas is good for individuals, Councils and Australia.
  2. Openly sharing knowledge & ideas is easy.
  3. Restrictive copyright is bad for individuals, Councils and Australia.
  4. Making good decisions is easier if all the relevant information is at your finger tips when you need it.
  5. A better world is just around the corner, and people working in local government have an opportunity and obligation to help make it arrive sooner.
  6. Hard copy manuals are archaic & inefficient
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