LGAM User Survey

The Local Government & Municipal Knowledge Base has been up and running since October 2008, and it has been growing in size and reach steadily since then. I believe it is already a useful tool for Councils, but I think that it has the potential to become a far more useful tool, if and when a critical mass of Local Government people start to see the benefits of sharing their knowledge through it.

I'm not sure what that critical mass is, but there are over 230 registered site members already, so hopefully its not too far away.

In the meantime if you would like to help out, taking 5 minutes to fill out this short survey would be a very good way to start.

1. How did you become aware of the Local Government & Municipal Knowledge Base?

2. Which Council or Organisation do you work for?

3. What are your main areas of expertise or interest?

4. Would you be willing to answer other site user's questions or contribute to pages about your areas of expertise?

5. Are you generally supportive of Councils sharing information with each other as much as possible?

6. Do you know of others that might be interested in this site, and would you be prepared to encourage them to visit the site, and/or become members?

7. Have you got any suggestions about how to improve the site.

To respond to the above survey, please copy and paste the above questions into an e-mail and send your responses to moc.liamg|riafnekrad#moc.liamg|riafnekrad

All responses will be greatly appreciated.

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