Litter Enforcement Officer

The Victorian Environment Protection Act 1970 defines a Litter Enforcement Officer as:

(a) an authorized officer;
(b) in relation to any land or waters in a council's municipal district, an officer of the council appointed by the council as a litter enforcement officer;
(c) in relation to—
- (i) land or waters under the control or management of a litter authority; or
- (ii) any offence that may result in litter appearing on any such land or waters (regardless of where the offence occurs)— an officer of the litter authority
appointed by it as a litter enforcement officer;
(d) a member of the police force;
(e) in relation to any bus, tram, watercraft, rail vehicle or aircraft that is being used for a public purpose, a person appointed as a litter enforcement officer by the litter authority that owns or manages that vehicle;

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