Local Government Accountants Association of Queensland

The Local Government Accountants Association of Queensland was constituted at the 1980 Conference of Local Government Accountants held at Gold Coast City Council, Surfers Paradise, on 13 November 1980.

The objectives of the Association are :-

(a) To promote the development, advancement and improvement of Local Government Accounting generally;

(b) To provide the means for the collection and/or dissemination of information on Local Government Accounting;

(c) To provide a continuous body of reference on Local Government Accounting matters;

(d) To seek representation of the Association on committees and bodies set up to deal with any matters directly affecting the accounting, financial and other related functions of Local Government;

(e) To cooperate and liaise with the Local Government Association of Queensland, the Local Government Managers Association, the Queensland Department of Local Government, the Queensland Audit Office or any other Body, Authority, Association or Society interested and/or associated with Local Government

(f) To provide, maintain and improve relationships with kindred organizations and the public generally;

(g) To discuss and resolve any matter which may from time to time be presented by members and which will be of interest and benefit to Local Government Accountants, or financial practitioners.


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