Local Government and Planning Ministers' Council

The Local Government and Planning Ministers' Council (LGPMC) is made up of Local Government and Planning Ministers from across Australia and New Zealand and the President of the Australian Local Government Association. The Council leads debate and decision making on key strategic policy matters for Local Government and planning in Australia and New Zealand that can be addressed at the national level.

The Council meets at least once per calendar year, chaired by the Australian Government, hosted on a rotation agreed to by all Council members. Extraordinary meetings may be held from time to time as a consequence of discussion and agreement amongst members. Generally, such meetings are hosted by the Commonwealth.

The Council has published a number of Local Government Sustainability Frameworks.

Contact Details

Email: ua.vog.erutcurtsarfni|CMPGL#ua.vog.erutcurtsarfni|CMPGL
Phone: (02) 6274 8127

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