Local Government Collaboration Project

The Local Government Collaboration Project is a project that aims to improve collaboration between Australian Councils, by:

  • Connecting local government staff with common interests and expertise;
  • Identifying shared challenges;
  • Publicising collaborative projects;
  • Compiling a list of resources that can support inter-council collaboration and reduce duplication of effort.

Data for the project is being collected through the Local Government Collaboration Topics Survey.

If you believe in the value inter-council collaboration, have five minutes to spare and would like to help move the project forward, please:

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Topic List

The following topics were nominated to be of interest by one or more survey respondents. Each topic page has information about the challenges associated with the topic, resources relevant to the topic, and any projects that have been set up in response to it, along with a list of surveys respondents that have indicated they have an interest in the topic.

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