Local Government Collaboration Topics Survey

The Local Government Collaboration Topics Survey has been set up to determine which topics local government people are interested in and passionate about;

It is hoped that the survey will enable better, more efficient, effective collaboration between councils by enabling Council staff interested in a particular topic to easily establish:

  • who else interested in that topic;
  • what information already exists about that topic;
  • what knowledge gaps exist in relation to these topics & who if anyone is trying to fill those gaps.

If you believe in the value inter-council collaboration, have five minutes to spare and would like to help, please:

Take the Survey Now

You can also help by passing on the link to the survey to your peers and contacts at other Councils - the more responses we get the more potential collaborators we'll be able to put in touch with each other.

A page will be created for every topic nominated in the survey, and an email will go out to everyone who nominated that topic to let them know about the page, and who else has shown an interest in that topic.


The following topics were nominated to be of interest by one or more survey respondents:


Where people have identified a challenge and it is related to a particular topic, the challenge is listed on the topic page. They are also listed on the challenges register page.

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