Local Government Data Store

The Local Government Data Store is just an idea at this point in time. The concept is that a cloud-based database could be set up to store the data of all Australian Councils. It is a similar concept to the Queensland Roads Alliance Hub, but on a much larger scale.


  • The database could be located on commercial servers or in a state or federal government data centre. (Google will be offering a SQL database hosting service soon, so that might be a good option.)
  • The NBN should make off-site data storage more practical.
  • It would necessarily involve the development of a Local Government Data Standard which would be a good thing in itself.
  • Local government officers should be able to build and share adhoc queries.
  • Commercial software companies could still develop systems that interrogate and manipulate the data, and value add.
  • Government Departments could extract data directly from the data store, rather than requiring Councils to submit returns.
  • The data could be audited directly, reducing the cost to Councils.

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