Local Government Reform Fund

At the June 2009 Plenary Meeting of the Australian Council of Local Government a $25 million Local Government Reform Fund was announced.

The media release states that:

Over two years, the $25 million Local Government Reform Fund will:

  • Assist councils implement new asset management and planning consistent with a national framework;
  • Fund the collection and analysis of robust data about councils’ infrastructure assets; and
  • Support collaboration between councils on a regional basis for service delivery and planning.

LGAQ have included some notes about the Reform Fund in a recent circular.

LGAQ's contact with regard to the Reform Fund is Rebecca Michael ( ua.nsa.qagl|leahcim_accebeR#ua.nsa.qagl|leahcim_accebeR )

The Commonwealth are apparently still working out the details re administering the reform fund (11/9/2009), but it is expected that the details will be determined and announced in October. LGAQ will advise councils accordingly.

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