Local Government Skills Directory

The Local Government Skills Directory is a project proposal.


The concept is that:

  • Everyone working in local government be encouraged to nominate what skills, knowledge and interests they possess, and that this information be placed into a skills database.
  • The database could then be used to help direct people with a particular problem or question to a range of people that might be interested in and capable of answering the question or solving the problem.

The ideal scenario would be for someone with a local government related question to submit it via a web application, and for the web application to automatically redirect the question to a list of people the data base suggests might be capable of answering it.

Getting the project started.

If you have any suggestions about how to get the project started please add them below:

  1. See if anyone is interested in setting up small working group could get together to come up with a standard database - which wouldn't need to be very complex - say Name, Council, Contact Number, E-mail Address, and say fields for ten skills.
  2. I'd envision something along the lines of each council's HR person or Department compiling a register for their Council and then aggregating that information up into a whole-of-industry online hub.
  3. The hub shouldn't be to difficult to set up or run - it would only need to have say 20 fields and 100,000 records, which isn't all that big. Surely the ALGA or a similar organisation could host a PostgreSQL database of that sort of size, or we could use a service like BasePortal.

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