Local Law

A local law is a law adopted by a Council that reflects community needs and ensures the good rule and government of the area.

Local laws are made under the Local Government Act of the state in which the municipality they apply in is located.

Local laws typically pertain to issues such as; parking, noise control, public parks, recreational areas, local planning, garbage collection.


In Victoria local laws are made under Part 5 of the Victorian Local Government Act 1989.

Section 111 of the act (Power to make local laws) states that:

  1. A Council may make local laws for or with respect to any act, matter or thing in respect of which the Council has a function or power under this or any other Act.
  2. A local law must not be inconsistent with any Act or regulation.
  3. A local law is inoperative to the extent that it is inconsistent with any Act or regulation.
  4. If a planning scheme is in force in the municipal district of a Council, the Council must not make a local law which duplicates or is inconsistent with the planning scheme.

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