Logan City Council

Logan City Council is a located in South East Queensland surrounded by Brisbane City Council to the north, Gold Coast City Council and Scenic Rim Regional Council to the south, Redland City Council to the east and Ipswich City Council to the west. In terms of population, Logan City is the fifth largest LGA in Queensland with a population of approximately 270,000. It covers an area of 913 kmĀ².

Vision for Logan: "a City of Opportunities for Families, Lifestyle and Business".

Locality Plan

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Software Systems

Asset Management System: TechnologyOne Works & Assets, Stormwater/Bridges AssetIC, Road Pavement SMEC PMS
Document/Records Management System: Opentext eDocs DM
ePlanning Software System: MasterPlan
Financial System: Finance One
Geographical Information System: ESRI / ArcGIS / GeoCortex Essentials
HR Software: TechnologyOne Human Resource & Payroll
Intranet: Microsoft SharePoint

Contact Information

Phone: (07) 3412 3412
E-mail: ua.vog.dlq.nagol|licnuoc#ua.vog.dlq.nagol|licnuoc

Name: Ashish Shah
Position: Program Leader, Road Asset Management
Stream: Infrastructure Services
Email: ua.vog.dlq.nagol|hahshsihsa#ua.vog.dlq.nagol|hahshsihsa

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  2. Council Website
  3. Wikipedia
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