Low Energy Nuclear Reaction

A Low Energy Nuclear Reaction is a nuclear reaction that takes place at low temperatures.

In 2011 a number of companies claimed to have successfully constructed reactors based on this technology. If true this will potentially have a huge impact on local government and the world in general.

Rossi Energy Catalyser

Andrea Rossi an Italian scientist claims to have developed a method of energy production, based on converting Nickel and Hydrogen to Copper. Whilst there is considerable skepticism about his claims, he has already built and sold a small number of reactors, and the technology should be either proven or disproven within a year or two. If the reactors perform as claimed, it could result in energy prices plummeting to 10% or less of what they are today, and trains that run for six months without refueling, and other wonders. Another company Defkalion is also claiming to have built a similar type of reactor.

Muon Catalysed Fusion

An Australian Company – Star Scientific - is working on a different kind of LENR – Muon Catalysed Fusion. As with regular fusion MCF is deuterium based, so the is an almost limitless supply of fuel available.

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