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Main Road - A Main Road is a road, declared as a main road under an act of parliament, and controlled by the State Government Department responsible for roads.

Maintenance - Maintenance is any activity performed on an asset with a view to ensuring that it is able to deliver an expected level of service until it is scheduled to be renewed, replaced or disposed of.

Maintenance Grading - The term Maintenance Grading is used to describe the grading of unsealed roads. It is very similar to, and is sometimes used interchangeably with the term Patrol Grading. If there is a difference between the two terms it is probably that maintenance grading is a more scheduled activity where the whole of the road is graded irrespective of condition, and that patrol grading is seen as more of a go out and look for problems and fix them when you find them activity.

Maintenance Management - Maintenance Management is the management and organisation of maintenance activities

Maintenance Planning - Maintenance Planning is the process of deciding in advance the jobs, methods, tools, machines, labour time required, and timing of maintenance actions.

Maintenance Program - A maintenance program is a time-based plan allocating specific maintenance tasks to specific periods

Maintenance Zone - A maintenance zone is a defined geographical area, in which maintenance is carried out in a particular way.

Major Collector Street - A major collector street is a street that collects traffic from surrounding access streets and/or minor collector streets and carries traffic volumes between 3000 - 6000 vpd.

Major Culvert - A major culvert is a culvert (or more commonly multiple culverts laid side by side) of large enough size to be treated more like a bridge over a water course than a pipe under a road.

Major Flooding - Major Flooding results in the inundation of large areas of land, isolating towns and cities. Major roads and rail links are closed. Evacuation of houses and businesses are likely.

Management System - A management system is a combination of people, equipment, communications, computer systems, performance standards, guidelines and procedures designed to help an organisation achieve the performance standards it sets for itself.

Management Tool - A management tool is a device or structured methodology designed to help managers manage more effectively.

Manhole - Manhole is an alternate (and possibly politically incorrect) name for an access chamber. Generally manhole refers to sewer maintenance hole.

Manual Handling - Manual Handling is the use of the human body to lift, lower, fill, empty, or carry loads.

Manufactured Aggregate - Aggregate can be either manufactured or natural. While natural aggregate is usually rocks extracted from a quarry and then crushed to suitable sizes, manufactured aggregate is derived from the by-products of other manufacturing processes.

Market Value - The market value of an asset is the estimated amount for which it should exchange on the date of valuation between a willing buyer and a willing seller in an arm’s-length transaction after proper marketing wherein the parties had each acted knowledgeably, prudently, and without compulsion.

Material Change of Use - Material change of use is a Town Planning term relating to a premises.

Materiality - Materiality is a concept or convention within auditing and accounting relating to the importance/significance of an amount, transaction, or discrepancy.

Median - A median or median strip is a (typically) raised central strip which separates opposing lanes of traffic on a divided road.

Meeting Agenda - A Meeting Agenda is a document consisting of a list of items to be raised and/or discussed at a meeting. An agenda usually states the time and place of the meeting and often contains list of expected attendees.

Metropolitan Park - A Metropolitan Park is a major recreation or sports park that offers a wide variety of opportunities to a broad cross section of residents of a planning scheme area. Metropolitan Park are large in size and well known amongst residents, these parks are major destinations within a planning scheme area.

Microbial Fuel Cell - A Microbial Fuel Cell is a device which uses microbes to clean wastewater and generate electricity in the process. This technology has obvious benefits for water boards & those Councils responsible for waste water treatment.

Mind Map - A mind map is a diagram used to represent words, ideas, tasks, or other items linked to and arranged around a central key word or idea. Mind maps are used to generate, visualize, structure, and classify ideas, and as an aid to studying and organizing information, solving problems, making decisions, and writing.

Minor Collector Street - A minor collector street is a street that collects traffic from surrounding access streets and carries traffic volumes of up to 3000 vpd.

Minor Culvert - A minor culvert is a relatively small road culvert or number of small culverts laid side by side. The difference between a minor culvert and a major culvert is its span. In a number of Australian states culverts are considered to be minor if they span less than 6 metres.

Minor Flooding - Minor flooding results in closing of minor roads and in some instances the submergence of low bridges.

Minor Road - A minor road is the road that does not have priority at an unsignalised intersection.

Mission Statement - A mission statement is a formal, short, written statement of the purpose of an organisation. The mission statement should guide the actions of the organisation, spell out its overall goal, provide a sense of direction, and guide decision-making.

Mitre Drain - A mitre drain (also offshoot drain) is an open drain designed to divert runoff from a table drain or road shoulder away from a road.

Moderate Flooding - Moderate Flooding is flooding that results in inundation of low lying areas. Livestock and evacuation of some houses may be necessary. Some bridges carrying major traffic may need to be closed.

Modern Equivalent Asset - A modern equivalent asset (also modern equivalent replacement asset) is a notional asset with which an existing asset's service potential would be restored on deprival using the latest technology available in the normal course of business.

Motorway - A Motorway is a type of controlled access highway. The functionality of a motorway is exactly the same as that of a freeway, but the term is more generic in that a motorway can be a tollway or can contain sections that are tolled.

Multi-modal Pathway - A multi-modal pathway is a pathway that is designed and constructed to meet the needs of the broadest range of potential users. It should be suitable for mobility impaired persons, able bodied persons of all ages, and people using wheeled recreational craft such as; bikes, walking frames, roller blades, motorised buggies, prams, skateboards & wheelchairs.

Multi-storey Car Park - A multi-storey car park is a building (or part thereof) which is designed specifically to be for car parking and where there are a number of floors or levels on which parking takes place. It is essentially a stacked car park.

Municipal District - A Municipal District is a district under the local government of a Council.

Municipal Emergency Coordination Centre - A Municipal Emergency Coordination Centre (MECC) is a facility which brings together key agencies, to coordinate the provision of council and community resources during an emergency for the response and recovery effort. The MECC facilitates activities of key personnel from local and state government agencies, emergency services and others as required to assist.

Municipal Emergency Resource Officer - A Municipal Emergency Resource Officer (MERO) is a municipal appointee responsible to the municipal council for ensuring the co-ordination of municipal resources to be used in emergency response.

Municipal Fire Prevention Plan - A Municipal Fire Prevention Plan (MFPP) is a strategic plan that deals with all fire risks in a municipality by assisting in the reduction of or minimises the risk of fire events that cause loss of life, livelihood, community assets and adverse damage to the environment.

Municipal Public Road - A Municipal Public Road is a municipal road which is also a public road within the meaning of section 17 of the Victorian Road Management Act 2004.

Municipal Road - A municipal road is a road for which a municipality is responsible.

Museum - A museum is a building or institution that houses and cares for a collection of artifacts and other objects of scientific, artistic, or historical importance and makes them available for public viewing through exhibits that may be permanent or temporary.

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