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An Asset Maintenance Management System (AMMS) is a system designed to program & record an organisation's maintenance activities. The term Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) is often used to describe the same type of software.

AMMS functionality is increasingly being incorporated in to Asset Management Systems.


The current Asset Management System Functional Specification includes a number of maintenance management related clauses, including the ability to:

  • generate a report detailing all maintenance and other works carried out on an asset over any specified period of time.
  • record customer requests, and to program an asset inspection and/or maintenance in response to them.
  • record the maintenance carried out on asset components.
  • program a range of maintenance activities against an asset or asset component.
  • automatically schedule maintenance for the first working day after a fixed period of time has elapsed since maintenance was last carried out.
  • estimate the time required and cost to carry out maintenance works logged in the system, and yet to be completed.

Asset Maintenance Management Systems

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