Maximo is an Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software solution originally developed by Project Software & Development Inc (PSDI) which changed its name to MRO. MRO was purchased by IBM in 2005, it is currently branded as IBM Maximo Asset Management.

Vendor Comments

The URL of the IBM Maximo web site is Maximo Asset Management. Application overview of features:

  • Assets - Provides register of assets and associated specifications
  • Works Management - Manage planned and un-planned maintenance activities and link to key performance indicators
  • Preventative Maintenance - Schedule important maintenance activities and include required components
  • Inventory and Contracts - Manage stock and vendor contracts
  • SLA - Define and monitor service level agreements (SLAs)
  • Web based - Scalable service oriented architecture (SOA)

Please visit the following IBM Maximo consultancy websites for further information:

  • Tolerro is a professional asset management consultancy that assists you to get the most from your assets through enterprise level asset management software, technology driven solutions, support services, and training. Tolerro is also an Australian Channel Partner for IBM Maximo. For more information on implementation and support go to Maximo EAM or email moc.orrelot|ofni#moc.orrelot|ofni
  • For IBM Maximo Certified Consultants with knowledge of Esri GIS, visit Clarita Solutions.

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