Metropolitan Planning Authority

The Metropolitan Planning Authority (MPA), formerly known as the Growth Areas Authority, was founded in 2006. It has a substantial role in planning across Victoria, and works closely with councils and government agencies on integrated land use and infrastructure coordination for strategically important development sites across Melbourne, in the declared growth areas and in regional centres.

Important tasks undertaken by the Authority include:

  • Precinct structure planning the development of new communities and urban renewal areas.
  • Providing advice to Government on infrastructure priorities.
  • Facilitating infrastructure delivery through integrated land use and infrastructure planning.
  • Work with Government agencies and councils to facilitate urban renewal projects and Greenfields projects in strategically important areas.
  • Facilitating housing affordability, job creation and development of better new communities.

The goals of the Metropolitan Planning Authority are to:

  • Develop communities in growth areas that are socially, environmentally and economically sustainable.
  • Work with industry and local Councils to ensure economic, employment and housing priorities are achieved in Melbourne‚Äôs five growth areas.
  • Improve the operation of regulatory and administrative processes over time to reduce costs and increase efficiencies for developers and local Councils.

The Metropolitan Planning Authority works in partnership with local Councils, developers and the Victorian Government to help create sustainable, well serviced communities.

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