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A Municipal Fire Prevention Plan (MFPP) is a strategic plan that deals with all fire risks in a municipality by assisting in the reduction of or minimises the risk of fire events that cause loss of life, livelihood, community assets and adverse damage to the environment.


Section 86B of Victorian Electricity Safety Act 1998 states that:
the Municipal fire prevention plans must specify procedures for the identification of trees that are hazardous to electric lines. Without limiting section 55A of the Country Fire Authority Act 1958, a Council must, in a municipal fire prevention plan required to be prepared and maintained under that section, specify—
(a) procedures and criteria for the identification of trees that are likely to fall onto, or come into contact with, an electric line (hazard trees); and
(b) procedures for the notification of responsible persons of trees that are hazard trees in relation to electric lines for which they are responsible.

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