MidCoast Council

The MidCoast Council was formed from the merger in 2016 of Gloucester Shire Council, Great Lakes Council and Greater Taree City Council.

Locality Plan

Software Systems

Asset Management System: Unknown
Document/Records Management System: Unknown
Financial System: Unknown
Geographical Information System: Unknown

Contact Information

Telephone: 02 6591 7222
E-mail: ua.vog.wsn.tsaocdim|licnuoc#ua.vog.wsn.tsaocdim|licnuoc

Street Addresses, Telephones, Postal Addresses, Emails:

Breese Parade, PO Box 450, Forster 2428
Email: ua.vog.wsn.sekaltaerg|licnuoc#ua.vog.wsn.sekaltaerg|licnuoc
Telephone: 02 6591 7222

89 King Street, PO Box 11, Gloucester 2422
Email: ua.vog.wsn.retsecuolg|licnuoc#ua.vog.wsn.retsecuolg|licnuoc
Telephone: 02 6538 5250

6 Church Lane, Stroud 2425
Telephone: 02 4994 5204

2 Pulteney Street, PO Box 482, Taree 2430
Email: ua.vog.wsn.cctg|licnuoceerat#ua.vog.wsn.cctg|licnuoceerat
Telephone: 02 6592 5399

Myall Street, Tea Gardens 2324
Telephone: 02 4997 0182

Neighbouring Councils

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If you are looking at this page because you work for this Council, please consider signing up to the site and contributing some information or circulating this link to other Council employees who might be interested. Some information about what software systems the Council uses & some contact details would be a good start, but any information that you can contribute to the site, on any topic will be greatly appreciated. There are a lot of good reasons to contribute, and it is pretty easy. Click here for an explanation about how to edit pages.

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