Mildura Rural City Council

Mildura Rural City Council is located in the north-western part of Victoria. It has an area of 22,214 square kilometres, and in 2006 it had a population of 49,815. Population centres within the municipality include Mildura, Merbein, Red Cliffs, Irymple, Ouyen, Werrimull, Murrayville, Walpeup, and Hattah.

Locality Plan

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Software Systems

Asset Management: AssetFinda
Maintenance, Inspection and Works Management: AssetFinda
Document/Records Management: HP Content Manager
Finance System: Civica Authority / BIS
GIS: MapInfo
Web Content Management System: Open Cities CMS

Contact Information

Postal Address: PO Box 105, Mildura Vic 3502
Street Address: 108-116 Madden Avenue, Mildura
Tel: (03) 5018 8100
Fax: (03) 5021 1899
Email: ua.vog.civ.arudlim|ccrm#ua.vog.civ.arudlim|ccrm

Additional Contacts

Name: Kylie Sergi
Position: Asset Management Coordinator
E-mail: ua.vog.civ.arudlim|igres.eilyk#ua.vog.civ.arudlim|igres.eilyk

Name: Chris Parham
Position: General Manager Corporate
E-mail: ua.vog.civ.arudlim|mahrap.sirhc#ua.vog.civ.arudlim|mahrap.sirhc

Name: Ryan Ellis
Position: Manager Information Systems
E-mail: ua.vog.civ.arudlim|sille.nayr#ua.vog.civ.arudlim|sille.nayr

Name: Paul Kealley
Position: Infrastructure Coordinator (IT)
E-mail: ua.vog.civ.arudlim|yellaek.luap#ua.vog.civ.arudlim|yellaek.luap

Name: Kerrie Ryan
Position: Information Management Coordinator (Records)
E-mail: ua.vog.civ.arudlim|nayr.eirrek#ua.vog.civ.arudlim|nayr.eirrek

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Mildura Rural City Council has made a number of contributions to the Photo Library.

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