Municipal Strategic Statement

A Municipal Strategic Statement (MSS) is the section within a planning scheme that establishes the key policy objectives and strategic planning framework for land use planning of a municipality. The MSS guides Council’s land use planning decisions and provides the strategic basis for statutory land use controls.

An Municipal Strategic Statement also establishes a link between the State Planning Policy Framework and the Local Planning Policy Framework.

Victorian Planning and Environment Act 1987

The Victorian Planning and Environment Act 1987 mandates that:
(1) A planning authority which is a municipal council must prepare a municipal strategic statement for its municipal district.
(2) A municipal strategic statement must further the objectives of planning in Victoria to the extent that they are applicable in the municipal district.
(3) A municipal strategic statement must contain—
- (a) the strategic planning, land use and development objectives of the planning authority; and
- (b) the strategies for achieving the objectives; and
- (c) a general explanation of the relationship between those objectives and strategies and the controls on the use and development of land in the planning scheme; and
- (d) any other provision or matter which the Minister directs to be included in the municipal strategic statement.
(4) A municipal strategic statement must be consistent with the current Council Plan for the municipal council approved under section 125 of the Local Government Act 1989.

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