Network Asset

A network asset is an asset that is considered to be part of a network. Network assets are interconnected assets that rely on each other to provide a service. If a network asset is removed the system may not function to full capacity.

There is a school of thought that network assets should not be subject to a "financial capitalisation threshold".

Roads, drainage, sewerage & water reticulation are examples of network assets.

Alternate Definitions

The Australian Infrastructure Financial Management Guidelines have a quite different take on network assets, suggesting that a network asset is "a grouping of assets or components that are individually below the entity's capitalisation policy threshold." It suggests that large groups of small value items of plant, property & equipment with a significant total value should be recognised as a single "network asset" in an entity's financial asset register.

It lists a number of examples of network assets, including;

  • road directional signs
  • traffic and parking regulatory signs
  • street name signs
  • tourist information signs
  • street furniture
  • bus shelters
  • street seats
  • park seats and tables, etc.

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