Northern Territory Planning Act 2009

Planning Act 2009 of the Northern Territory.

The objects of this Act are to plan for, and provide a framework of controls for, the orderly use and development of land.

The objects are to be achieved by:

(a) strategic planning of land use and development and for the sustainable use of resources;

(b) strategic planning of transport corridors and other public infrastructure;

(c) effective controls and guidelines for the appropriate use of land, having regard to its capabilities and limitations;

(d) control of development to provide protection of the natural environment, including by sustainable use of land and water resources;

(e) minimising adverse impacts of development on existing amenity and, wherever possible, ensuring that amenity is enhanced as a result of development;

(f) ensuring, as far as possible, that planning reflects the wishes and needs of the community through appropriate public consultation and input in both the formulation and implementation of planning schemes; and

(g) fair and open decision making and appeals processes.

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