NSW Catchment Management Authorities Act 2003

The objects of this Act are as follows:
(a) to establish authorities for the purpose of devolving operational, investment and decision-making natural resource functions to catchment levels,
(b) to provide for proper natural resource planning at a catchment level,
(c) to ensure that decisions about natural resources take into account appropriate catchment issues,
(d) to require decisions taken at a catchment level to take into account State-wide standards and to involve the Natural Resources Commission in catchment planning where appropriate,
(e) to involve communities in each catchment in decision making and to make best use of catchment knowledge and expertise,
(f) to ensure the proper management of natural resources in the social, economic and environmental interests of the State,
(g) to apply sound scientific knowledge to achieve a fully functioning and productive landscape,
(h) to provide a framework for financial assistance and incentives to landholders in connection with natural resource management.

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NSW Catchment Management Authorities Act 2003 No.104

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