Open Letter to Council CEOs


The Local Government & Municipal Knowledge Base is a free web-based reference tool for Australian Councils.
It has been up-and-running for over six years, and contains well over 4000 pages of information on a wide variety of topics relevant to local government. All of the content is published under a creative commons licence that allows it to be re-used by Council employees in almost any way they wish, free of charge.

The site aims to encourage & enable Council employees to share their knowledge with each other. Registered site members (there are over 950 so far) are able to add content to the site directly in much the same way that users can contribute content to Wikipedia, or ask and/or answer questions on the site's forum. Either way, the more local government staff that contribute to the site, the faster it will grow, and the better a resource it will become.

It is already averaging over 4000 visitors a week, and is the top result for a large number of local government related Google searches.

I last contacted most Councils about the site in mid 2010, but it is grown significantly since then, and I'd like to try and ensure that as many Council staff as possible know about it. I believe that the site has the potential to be a valuable resource for all areas and all levels of Councils, but I am especially keen to encourage CEOs to visit it & evaluate it. I am hopeful they will recognise its value and encourage their staff to support it. At the very least I hope that I can encourage a couple of people from each Council to sign up & contribute to the site.

The site's address is:

Any feedback about the site would be greatly appreciated, be it positive or negative.

Thank you in advance,


Wayne Eddy

11 Scullin Court
Mill Park, Victoria, 3082
Bh: (03) 9217 2497
Ah: (03) 9424 3531
Mob: (0478) 682442

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