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A Park Bench (also Park Seat) is a bench seat located with in a park for the use of park patrons.

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Park benches can be constructed from a range of materials, including timber, timber & steel, timber & concrete, and aluminium.

Useful Life

The useful life of a park bench will vary considerably depending on the material from which it is constructed, and a range of environmental factors.

The table below shows the useful life for traffic signs adopted by Councils or published elsewhere. At the moment a useful life of about 25 years seems to be typical. Please feel free to add your Councils information below.

Council Adopted Life
Camden Council 20 years
Campbelltown City Council 20-50 years
Muswellbrook Shire Council 20-40 years
Ryde City Council 30 years
Whittlesea City Council 20 years
Wollondilly Shire Council 15-20 years

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