Parks and Open Space Asset Capitalisation Project

Some councils capitalise open space assets, but many currently do not. This project is intended to help councils that are moving towards capitalising parks and open space assets by establishing:

  • which councils currently capitalise parks and open space assets;
  • which asset types are typically considered to be open space assets;
  • typical unit rates;
  • typical asset & component useful lives;
  • typical componentisation schemes.

Ideally it will establish default values for unit rates and useful lives, that will be widely accepted by auditors as appropriate.


The following people/councils have contributed data to the project.

  • Quenten Graham (Swan Hill Rural City Council) EL
  • Paris Zenonos (Hobsons Bay City Council) E
  • Rima Zreikat (Melton City Council) E
  • Wayne Eddy (Whittlesea City Council) ELW
  • David Gyford (West Wimmera Shire) E
  • Will Repic (City of Maribyrnong) EL
  • Darren Mitchell (Lake Macquarie City Council) E
  • Reg Norman (Burdekin Shire Council) E
  • Kristi Cohen (Launceston City Council) E
  • Scott Harris (Bass Coast Shire Council) E
  • Paul Handcock (Melville City Council) E
  • Adam Cowell (Blacktown City Council) E
  • Clinton Bridge (Port Stephens Council) E
  • Caitlin Evans (City of Holdfast) E
  • Mark Naudé (Matamata-Piako District Council) E
  • Ning Huang (Glenorchy City Council) E
  • Suman Nagpal (Darebin City Council) E
  • Jeni Ayres (Brisbane City Council) E
  • Lucille Yu (Hume City Council) E

State of Play

As of June 2018 the following councils capitalised the following open space assets as indicated:

The following Councils are either planning to start capitalising open space assets or intend to increase the range of open space assets they are capitalising:

If you would like to help out with the project you can do so by taking this very short (2 min) survey, which is being used to gather data for the above table.

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