Pavement Guide Interactive

Pavement Guide Interactive is a website set up by the University of Washington and the Pavement Tools Consortium, that contains a lot of useful information about Road Pavements including the following modules.

  • Welcome & Introduction - General document premise, pavement history & overview.
  • Pavement Types - Flexible and rigid pavement basics, types and recycling.
  • Materials - Aggregate, asphalt and portland cement and their associated material tests.
  • Design Parameters - Subgrade, traffic loads, environmental and drainage design inputs.
  • Mix Design - Mix design overview and the principal methods of HMA and PCC mix design.
  • Structural Design - Empirical and mechanistic-empirical structural design approaches.
  • Construction - Major pavement construction steps, equipment, issues and variables.
  • QA & Specifications - Quality assurance and different specification types.
  • Pavement Evaluation - Evaluation methods, measurements and pavement distress/damage.
  • Maintenance & Rehabilitation - Typical methods of both with a focus on overlay design.
  • Pavement Management - Pavement lifecycle, cost analysis and management systems.

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  1. Pavement Guide Interactive Home Page
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