Performance Statement

A Performance statement is a section within an annual report.


Section 132 of the Victorian Local Government Act 1989 states that:

white-line.png(1) As soon as is reasonably practicable after the end of each financial year, a Council must prepare a performance statement.
white-line.png(2) The performance statement must include—
white-line.png(a) the Key Strategic Activities and performance targets and measures specified in the budget under section 127 for that financial year;
white-line.png(b) the actual results achieved for that financial year having regard to those performance targets and measures.
white-line.png(3) The auditor must prepare a report on the performance statement.
white-line.png(4) The statement must—
white-line.png(a) be in the form; and
white-line.png(b) contain the details required by the regulations.
white-line.png(5) The Council must submit the statement to its auditor as soon as possible after the statement has been prepared.
white-line.png(6) The Council must not submit the statement to its auditor or the Minister unless the Council has passed a resolution giving its approval in principle to the statement.
white-line.png(7) The Council must authorise 2 Councillors to approve the statement in its final form after any changes recommended, or agreed to, by the auditor have been made.
white-line.png(8) The approval by the 2 Councillors must be given in the form and manner required by the regulations.
white-line.png(9) The Council must submit the statement to the Minister within 3 months of the end of the financial year to which the statement relates.
white-line.png(10) The Council must comply with subsection (9) even if the auditor has not yet prepared the report on the statement required by section 133.
white-line.png(11) If the statement shows that the Council has failed to substantially achieve the performance targets in relation to the Key Strategic Activities set out in the budget, the Council must ensure that the copy of the statement submitted to the Minister is
accompanied by a written explanation of why.

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