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A picture paints a thousand words. Photos are used on a daily basis by Councils for a whole range of reasons.

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They are or can be used to:

  • improve reports, newsletters, strategies, procedures & work instructions, by making them look better and/or help explain the points being made,
  • illustrate asset condition scores,
  • keep a record of a construction projects,
  • help explain a particular topic or situation.
  • etc., etc.

These days, photos are easily captured by anyone with a smart phone, and 9 times out of 10 it will be easy to find the photo you need for whatever your purpose. Occasionally however you just can't find the exact photo you need for the purpose you need. This is especially true if the photo needs to be published online, and you aren't sure of a particular photo's copyright status.

This page has been created to help Councils share photos of general interest to the local government community, with a view to ensuring it is always easy to find the photo you need when you need it.

Google Photos

One of the easiest ways to share photos is via Google Photos. Google Photos makes it so easy to share photos it's almost a crime not to do so. If you are capturing photos with an android device and you have selected the option to back them up to Google servers (which is free) you can select a set of photos, add them to a shared album and then share the link. It is that easy. Examples below:

Uploading Photos

If you haven't captured your photos using an android sevice or already backed them up to the cloud in some other way, you can still upload photos to this library the old fashion way.

To upload a photo click on the "files" button at the bottom of a page, and follow the instructions. (Any page will do, but a Contributor Photo Gallery page would be ideal) If possible try to keep the size of the photos you upload to 1Mb or less. Only upload photos that you are willing and entitled to release to the public domain. The whole of idea the library is for Councils & other parties to be able to reuse that photos as they see fit, so don't upload any copyrighted photos. To be safe it would be best to only upload photos you have taken yourself or have been taken by another Council employee that is willing to waive their copyright.

Click here for an alphabetical list of all photo pages.

Themed Galleries

Contributor Galleries

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