Planning Scheme

A planning scheme is an instrument that controls land use and development within a municipality.
It contains state and local planning policies, zones, overlays, particular provisions, general provisions, definitions and maps.

Image: City of Whittlesea Planning Scheme Index


In Queensland a planning scheme is an instrument made by a local government under Division 3 of the Queensland Integrated Planning Act 1997.


In Victoria the Victorian Department of Planning and Community Development defines a Planning Scheme as "a legal instrument, that sets out the provisions for land use, development, and protection."

It notes that the function of a Planning Scheme is to facilitate fair, orderly, economic and sustainable use of land - by providing for the individual needs of an area.

Victoria has 81 planning scheme areas, and thus has 81 Planning Schemes … one for each of the 78 Victorian municipalities, and one for each of the 3 Victorian special planning areas (Alpine Resorts, Port of Melbourne, and French and Sandstone Island.).

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