In local government the term plant typcially refers to construction machinery (mobile plant) or the mechanical services of a building or facility.


In Queensland Schedule 3 of the Queensland Workplace Health and Safety Act 1995 defines plant as:
a) machinery, equipment, appliance, pressure vessel, implement and tool
b) personal protective equipment and
c) a component of plant and a fitting, connection, accessory or adjunct to plant.

Plant also includes specified high risk plant.

The following items of plant are specified high risk plant:

  • air-conditioning unit
  • amusement device
  • cooling tower
  • escalator
  • LP gas cylinder
  • lift

Schedule 2 of the Workplace Health and Safety Act 1995 states that an air-conditioning unit is a unit of plant that provides air-conditioning and that either:
a) incorporates a cooling tower; or
b) consists of 1 or more compressors and the power rating required for operation of the air-conditioning unit is 50 kW or more.

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