Pram Crossing

A pram crossing (also kerb ramp) is a modified section of kerb & channel or a small bridge-like structure that allows prams, shopping trolleys, wheelchairs, and similar wheeled devices to transition smoothly from the footpath to the roadway.

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Victorian Local Government Act 1989

Clause 12 of Schedule 10 of the Victorian Local Government Act 1989 gives Councils "powers concerning crossings over footpaths and channels".

It states:
white-line.png(1) A Council may—
white-line.png(a) make a bridge or crossing over any footpath or channel next to a road to enable a person using the road to have access to land on the other side of the footpath or channel;
white-line.png(b) maintain, repair or reconstruct the bridge or crossing;
white-line.png(c) permit a person to do anything the Council may do under paragraph (a) or (b)
white-line.png(d) require a person to do anything the Council may do under paragraph (a) or (b).

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