Project Checklist

The list below is a checklist of items that may need to be considered when considering/implementing a project.

Concept Development Checklist

Planning Report

  • Understanding of need
  • Inter-departmental checks via e-mail
  • Check alignment with Planning Scheme & Corporate Plan
  • Scope Project
  • Determine need for consultant
  • Cost and Plan Options Analysis
  • Preliminary Tests
  • Risk Assessment
    • Native Title
    • Public Consultation
    • Utility Services
    • Material
    • Environmental
  • Informal Authority Approval
  • Preliminary Estimates
  • Funding
  • Project Approval

Client Brief - Internal

Design Brief - External

Register Project

Request for Name

Update Project Register

Design Checklist

Project Generation

  • Design Brief completed with Client Sign-off
  • Design methodology meeting on site
  • Survey Brief completed
  • Project Folder generated on server
  • Confirm Asset Names/Facility/Sites for Dwg Titleblocks

Obtain Authority Approvals (formal)

Seek approval from and/or advise

  • State Road Authority
  • Electricity Providers.
  • State Rail Authority
  • Water Authorities
  • Natural Resources
  • Telecommunications Providers


  • Cultural Heritage check-complete LG Online worksheet
  • Native Title check
  • Vegetation Management issues checked
  • Environmentally Relevant Activity - EPA guidelines
  • Check for Acid Sulphate Soils in project area
  • Checked contaminated land register
  • Check for Declared Pests/Weeds

Council Checks

  • Check project for conflicting development applications
  • Check other Department/Sections for internal works
  • Check Land Tenure to confirm council ownership

Development Applications

  • Planning Approval
  • Building Application Approval
  • Operational Works Approval

Design Risk Assessment

  • Operations
  • Construction


  • Assign Surveyor
  • Service locations plans obtained
  • Survey checklist completed

Design Completed under Design Specification

  • Designer assigned
  • Check for traffic impacts (webcrash)
  • Traffic analysis (capacity)
  • Base Plot of Existing Features
  • Horizontal Road Alignment
  • Vertical Road Alignment
  • Road Cross Sections
  • Road & Interallotment Drainage
  • Signs and Markings
  • Pavement Design
  • Bridge/Major Culvert Design
  • Erosion and Sedimentation Control Plans
  • Design Certification Report Completed

Service Alterations

  • Ergon Status Report completed
  • Telstra Status Report completed
  • Origin Energy Status Report completed
  • Sunwater Status Report completed
  • Council & Other Services Status Report completed

Contract Delivery Checklist

  • Prepare Tender Documents
  • Advertise Tender
  • Open Tenders
  • Review Tenders
  • Report on tender to Council
  • Accept Tender
  • Issue letter of acceptance
  • Advise unsuccessful tenderers.
  • Appoint a Council Superintendent
  • Decide on Date of Site Possession

Contracts documents signed
security deposit
evidence of insurance
Notifiable Works
Principal Contractor Notification

Project Plan
QA Plan
Env Mgmt Plan
Safety Plan
Project Timetable

Date of Practical Completion
Form of Retention
Maintenance Period
Refund of Security

Date Off Maintenance

Refund Retention

Pre-Implementation Checklist

Pre Construction meeting

Project Delivery Method determined

Service Locations
Dial Before U Dig

Detailed Estimate
Submit for customer approval

External Authorities

Create Works Order
Advise Accounts Section of funding

Service Relocations by others

Procurement of Goods and Services
Contracts and documents
Sub Contractors plant
Finalise materials

Project Plan
Project Schedule
Develop Gantt Chart
Identify resource requirements
Identify targets/milestones
Project Diary

Finalise Quality Plan
ITP design
Work Instructions

Finalise Safety Plan
Notifiable Works
Authorised Persons (Electrical Safety Act)

Finalise Traffic Management Plan

Finalise Environmental Management Plan
Erosion and Sediment
Condition Survey

Finalise Communication Plan
Advise key stakeholders

Risk Assessment

Registration of Workplace

Arrange Temporary Signage

Post Pre-Construction meeting

Update Project Register

Implementation Checklist

Site Specific Induction
Site Induction
First Aid Officer
Site specific conditions
Site Safety Plan
Project Scope
Report accidents progress reports
Communications - document transmittal
Environmental obligations
Cultural heritage
Emergency assembly point
Time Line
Safety Hazard ID
Job numbering
Responsibilities and Accountabilities

Project Plan available on Site

Signage for Funding

Service Relocation - internal

Monitoring and Control
Workplace Inspections


Update Project Register

Post-Implementation Checklist

Notification of addition to policy

Handover of project
Certificate of Completition - liability
Operator Training
Release of Security
Schedule of Fittings -architecture details
Lodgement of Bonds
Advise WH&S - Registration of Workplace

Close off Works Orders

Project Report
Condition Survey
Co-ordinate as constructed drawings
Collect Project Diary


Revise costs - Portable Long Service

As Designed As Constructed
Update Plans with As Constructed Details
Asset Register updated

Finalisation Plan
Close down Project
Assets to be notified

Acquittal of funding

Revise Unit Rates Spreadsheet

Advise of Demolition

Project Documentation Archived

Final Completion Certificate

Update Project Register

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