The R-Spec is a specification that deals with assets within the road reserve and was developed by the A-Spec consortium.

It was created to enable Local Government authorities around Australia to participate in the use of a single specification when dealing with the creation of new assets within their jurisdiction. It provides a structure for contributed assets from Land Development Industry or assets created through capital works or renewal programs.

Taking into account the relevant information for the respective Road Management Acts, the intent of R-Spec is to provide Local Government with the ability to identify the assets within a road reserve that they will become responsible for..

Overall a common specification for the supply of asset information within the road reserve was identified as a major opportunity for the members to achieve efficiency and cost savings in the process of maintaining public assets in accordance with their responsibilities under the Road Management Act

The R-Spec standard will enable consultants to provide As – Constructed data with supplementary tables in the form of attributes, specifying the characteristics required as GIS ready data as per D-Spec.

The framework will consist of specifications for data content enabling data exchange. R-Spec will enable data to be collected and made available in a harmonised, interoperable and quality assured way.

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